Welcome to Setare

We are a Software and Service Partner for Standard Organizations providing Software Solutions and related services. We are located in Norway and operate globally.

How do we assist Standard Organizations?

We assist organizations moving to XML based solutions, or enhancing their existing Software. Our solutions are based on XML Technology, and the solutions we develop and offers are XML based. We offer a complete Rendering Solution based on XSL-FO Technology. We specialize in an XML based database system called MarkLogic. Our API contains an XML based Workflow System , which means it will process XML data and store the configuration and Workflow status in XML.

Why XML?

Standards are books containing text and images. XML is a mature Technology supporting big structure data. It can be easily processed, it is an open standard, it is extensible, separates content from presentation, supports multilingual documents, can embed multiple data types and rapid adoption by industry. XML as been adopted by the standardization industry and leading Standard Organizations produce and deliver Metadata and Content in XML format.

Products and Services

See also this overview.


Solutions and services for rendering XML to PDF, Html and eBook. Read more

Data Management

Solution, API and Components for XML based Metadata and Content Management. Read more

Project Services

Support Standard Organization IT Projects with Advicing, Architecture / Design and Development.