Data Management

Setare offers a Web Based Application for downloading and managing the Metadata and Content from ISO, IEC, CEN and CENELEC. This Web based application gives the Client full control of importing data from SDO’s. Included with the solution is an XML based Workflow System. The solution enables you to manually or automatically download data from the SDO’s, Harmonize the data into the Setare’s defined Harmonization structure or your own structure (requires development). May produce PDF, eBook and HTML, automatically or «manually» (requires the Rendering Server). You may run data through Workflows to do further control and/or changes to the data. Data may then be exported to your own Housekeeping System, ERP and/or WebShop Solution.

The solution may be extended and customized for the Client specific use or added features. In this way it may serve as a foundation for a full Production System or as a stand alone Download and Data preparation System.

The Solution does not require any Database licenses. The PDF rendering solution requires a Rendering Engine license.

We offer our Data Management API to Our Clients. You may use this API to build Your own system. See further down for details.

We may build Components for Our Clients for our client’s own System. For larger Components we add the required resources and competance. These Customer built Components is based on our API as appropriate according to the requirements.

Data Management System – Features


Manually or automatically download metadata and content from ISO, IEC, CEN and CENELEC. The Application uses advanced components to securily and effeciently download data using FTP. The system fetches an overview of available files from the different Vendors and present them in a User friendly way. The User can choose which files to download. The user may start a workflow to automate the process.


XML’s may be verified at all steps of the process. This ensures data consistency and data quality.

Splitting Download Files

Some SDO’s delivers very large files containing multiple items (products, projects, publications etc.). The application will split up the files into smaller fragments allowing for easier handling.


Each SDO uses their own XML format for Metadata. By harmonizing, special rules are applied for each SDO and entity type and converted to a harmonized format. This ensures that any further (in-house) work on the metadata are handled similarly across all SDO’s. Some codes are also harmonized to a common vocabulary.

XML Viewer

The Application contains an advanced XML viewer allowing to view huge files.

Rendering PDF, Html and eBook

We Offer a solution for Rendering from XML to PDF, HTML and eBook. The solution is based on XSL-FO technology (Extended Stylesheet Formatting Objects). An XSLT script generates XSL-FO document from ISO STS XML + Images. The rendering solution is not sold as part of the Data Management Solution, but must be purchased separately.
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Data any step in the process can be exported. The user may export the downloaded file, the split files, the harmonized files or the produced PDF, eBook or HTML files.

Web Service Interface

A Web Service interface provides integration with any system. All the systems functionality is available through a REST Web Service interface.


The workflow allows to automatically process the data from download to PDF, through all steps of the process. The user may also add own steps for more extensive processing as needed.

API Components

The API consist of specific Components in addition to general Utilities.

Workflow An XML based workflow engine supporting XML Based solutions. Fast Processing. Enables plugins for custom tasks. Condition based Routing. Supoorts both user interactions and Automatic actions. Easy to integrate with customer solution by the provided API. Simple to add new tasks.
SDO Data Downloads Metadata and content data from ISO, IEC, CEN and CENELEC. Verify data, splits the data into entities. XML implementation of the data from the SDO’s, gives high speed XML processing.
Harmonization Harmonizes the downloaded and Split Metadata (See Sdo Download) into a harmonized structure common for ISO, IEC, CEN and CENELEC
Xml Reposistory Interface Defines a generic Interface for easy communicating With XML Data Repository. Includes the Interface and a few implementations:

  • Memory: This is very useful for Unit Testing. Data is prepared and loaded to memory and processed by the solution using the same Interface.
  • File: A file implementation of the Interface. Useful for preparing data for the database.
  • MarkLogic: A MarkLogic implementation. This enables the solution to utilize all of MarkLogic Server features.