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The data content, stored as XML, specially on ISO STS format (see is not suited for end user reading. Data must be rendered to a readable format. The Standard Organizations deliver PDF, HTML and eBooks to their end users. We deliver solution and services enabling the Standard Organization to render XML to these formats.

Rendering Foundation

Setare offers a low price, high quality solution for PDF, eBook and HTML rendering based on XSL-FO technology. The out-of-the box solution gives a solution for rendering ISO PDF documents from ISO STS XML. We offer services for customization and XSLT development for client specific needs.

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Rendering Server

A Rendering Server consists of Antenna House Rendering Engine, Java and XSLT engines such as Saxxon, XSLT scripts, possible Web Service integration and more. Antenna House Formatter is a mature software that continues to evolve and is in production with several large corporations. AH Formatter formats XSL Formatting Objects (XSL-FO), XML with XSL stylesheet.

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Custom XSLT Development

We offer a wide range of XSLT services for the purpose of Rendering:

  • XSLT Scripts for PDF
  • Scripts for eBook
  • Scripts for HTML

The Custom work can be based on our XSLT Foundation for ISO or from «scratch».

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Data Management

We provide solution and services for downloading and Processing Metadata and Content from global and regional SDO’s. Our solution is a Web Application and an API. The Solution import and prepare the data for the Standard Organizations own System. For those organizations that do not yet have a System our solution may function as a platform for a full System. We provide services to integrate, customize and enhance our solution.

Data Management System

A Web Based Application for downloading and managing the Metadata and Content from ISO, IEC, CEN and CENELEC. This Web based application gives the Client full control of importing data from SDO’s. Loads the imported metadata, splits it and harmonizes it into a common structure across all SDO’s. Integrates With the Rendering Solution, enables Workflow for more extensive data preparation and Automatic download and Processing.

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Data Management API

Our API is developed for the needs related to Standard Organizations and their Software. The API includes special Components and general functions. Included is an Advanced Workflow System, XML Processing of metadata from global and regional SDO’s, Harmonization, XML Repository Interface and more. We deliver the API with documentation and offer training as required.
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Building Software / Components

Setare may build your solution for your Standard Organization, or specific components. We have a wide range of Components we have developed and can use as part of the Software we develop for you. These components are made specifically to support Software Solutions for Standard Organizations.

Project Services

We provide Project services assisting Our Clients developing or maintaining their Software Solutions. We assist within all phases from initial Advice, Architecture and Development, .NET, Java and MarkLogic (XQuery and JavaScript) Development. For larger Projects we provide Development Team developing, testing and deploying solutions.

Advices and Architecture

We assist in initial advice in early phase of a Project. The Client should have some Scope for the Project, we can advice of XML formats, rendering, workflow, harmonization, repository. We can advice in Development methodology, Methods for business analysis, architecture and Development. During the Project we can assist as Architect, defining Repository / Data Storage, XML formats, communication protocols, harmonization, and more.


We provide services for Development in .NET, Java, XQuery and JavaScript Programming. We do MarkLogic Development, Server Configuration. Integrating Client Sofware with MarkLogic, and more. We build Web Applications, Window Applications, Services and Mobile Apps.

Development Team

We assist Our Clients with a full Development team. The team size could vary depending on the size and speed of the Project. A typical Team consists of: 1 Architect, 1-5 Programmers, 1 for testing and documentation. We will use off-shore Developers under lead by the Architect, reducing the overall team costs. The Architect will also do Programming.