We Offer a solution for Rendering from XML to PDF, HTML and eBook. The solution is based on XSL-FO technology (Extended Stylesheet Formatting Objects). An XSLT script generates XSL-FO document from ISO STS XML + Images. The XSL-FO is then sent to a Rendering Engine, supporting XSL-FO. We suggest to use Antenna House. We deliver a complete functional server to which there are several options for integration. We deliver services to customize the scripts and/or develope new scripts to accomodate for the Client needs, being adopted and/or national standards.

Rendering Products and Services

XSLT Foundation

All required script to veriy ISO STS XML and to Render to ISO PDF. We use this as a Foundation for National Standard Body Customization.

Rendering Server

A Complete rendering environment containing Antenna House Formatter Rendering Engine.

Custom XSLT Development

Customization of XSLT Foundation and/or building new scripts.

Why XSL-FO technology?

1) Features

XSL-FO with our scripts supports a wide range of features such as Math ML, Images, Tables with adjustable size, Landscape Tables, TOC, Bookmarks, Head/Footer and more.

2) Open Standard

The XSL is an open W3C standards adopted by a number of Companies and widely used within the Publishing sector. Read more about XSL-FO Technology here.

3) Speed

We have done multiple tests when it comes to speed. A normal Laptop have an average speed of about 0,3 sec per PDF page produced. This includes generating the XSL-FO script and rendering through the rendering engine (Antenna House). A faster Server may process even faster than this. The speed may vary depending on the amount of tables and math. Smaller documents are produced within a few seconds. Larger documents, we have tested 800 pages which is produced in about 3 minutes.

4) Development costs

We offer a foundation covering the ISO template. When the client is close to the ISO standard, then development costs goes down, as it is a matter of customize parts of the document, like the cover pages, foreword etc. We provide fixed prices when the template requires customization based on the ISO standard. If developing a national from scratch as it deviates too much from the ISO standard, will probably take less time than the alternatives. The total costs are less than any existing alternative that we are aware of.

5) Maintenance costs

Maintenance for this solution is very low, and much lower than alternatives. There is a low maintenance cost for Antenna House and our foundation.

6) Support

We offer to operate the Rendering Server fully and providing full Support, either by a Support Agreement with fixed monthly price or ad-hoc time based.

Rendering Workflow

Our solution for rendering PDF, HTML or eBook are all based on XSL-FO Technology with this workflow:

Drawing Rendering

Description of the Components in the above Diagram:

ISO STS ISO Standards Tag Set. Current Version is 1.1. ISO STS is based on NISO Jats. It is a Tag set developed for the International Standards Organization.
The tagset contains metadata and content representing standards or standard related documents. ISO and CEN delivers their content in XML ISOSTS format.
The National Standard Organizations are more and more converting to adopt International and Regional standards based on ISO STS and also producing national standards in this format.
XSLT Script This script is the core of the solution. It defines the layout of the standard or standard related document. It consists of transformations from ISO STS to XSL-FO.
XSL Processor. Any XSL Processor supporting XSLT 2.0 can be used. We have experience With Saxon XSLT 2.0 Processor. The XSLT processor reads the XML and the XSLT script and generates the output XML,
which in this case is the XML on XSL-FO format.
XSL-FO XSL Formatting Objects, or XSL-FO, is a markup language for XML document formatting which is most often used to generate PDFs. XSL-FO is part of XSL (Extensible Stylesheet Language), a set of W3C technologies designed for the transformation and formatting of XML data. The other parts of XSL are XSLT and XPath. Version 1.1 of XSL-FO was published in 2006.
Images Most image formats are supported, like jpg, jpeg, png, bmp and so on. Images are given as individual files being referenced by the ISO STS XML.
Rendering Engine There are a several rendering engines supporting XSL-FO. We have experience With Antenna House. which produces the expected result.
Result PDF Our solution delivers a PDF similar to ISO’s PDF delivery. The type PDF being produced Depends on the capability of the Rendering engine. In the case where a Print PDF is produced, it contains embedded fonts.


The XSLT we deliver will create an ISO PDF. To support Your custom adopted templates or custom national template a customization of the Foundation or a full rewrite (depending on how far it is from the ISO template) will be necessary. Writing XSLT scripts to produce XSL-FO requires detailed knowledge of ISO STS, XSLT and XSL-FO. It will require a skilled person to achieve the requested results. We strongly suggest to let Setare and our Expert do the customization for you. We will only maintain scripts we have produced ourselves. However, you may purchase the Foundation and customize it yourself.

Rendering Server

The Rendering Server has the purpose of rendering XML to PDF, HTML and eBook. This software can be installed on a specific server for that purpose or it can be installed on an Application server containing the remaining solution including a Web Server.

Any Rendering Engine supporting XSL-FO may be used. We have tested and approve the use of Antenna House Formatter.

The Rendering Server consist of these Components:

Antenna House Formatter

«Antenna House Formatter is a mature software that continues to evolve and is in production with several large corporations. AH Formatter formats XSL Formatting Objects (XSL-FO), XML with XSL stylesheet, or HTML with CSS.» (Quote from Antenna House).


The server will have XSLT scripts installed for:

  • Schema validation
  • Scematron (coonstraint) validation
  • XSL-FO generation

Script Processing

Script Processing enviornment (Saxxon and Java) is installed on the Rendering Server.

Command line drive environment

We also install a full command line driven environment allowing to use the «Send To …» feature from File Browser.

Integration Components

We deliver a REST Interface for triggering the PDF Production and retrieve the results.

Integration / Deployment Models

The solution may be Integrated With Client’s own solution in different models:

Data Management Solution

Our Data Management Solution includes a full integration with the Rendering Solution. In this Model, you may still integrate Your own Application with the rendering engine in addition to our solution.

Copy files / batch scripts

In this mode, files are copied to a folder on the Rendering Server, and a batch script on that server is called. Once finished, the resulting PDF is retrieved from the same Server folder.


In this scenario the Client has an Application running Workflow. Antenna House can be directly Integrated With Java or .NET Application as Objects and called from the Application. The resulting PDF can be sent to a file or retrieved as a Stream. This allows for seamless integration With Antenna House.

Server REST based

A rendering engine server may be set up With a REST Interface. The calling Application will send the ISO STS XML to the service which Returns the resulting PDF.

Setare offers services to integrate the solution With Client’s own solution.


Setare offers Time based Pilot Projects enabling Client to establish a proof of Concept possibly Integrated With Client’s own Application.
The Pilot may include time based customization services. The Client may choose to purchase the solution only after a successful Pilot.

Prices and further Information

For Prices and more information about the solution or XSL-FO technology, contact us.